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Electrical Power
Always hold the power cable by the plug when plugging in and out of the wallmount unit. Never pull it by the cable because you may damage the cable.
Never plug a search protector into a UPS. The UPS (sawtooth) output is experienced as a constant stream of searches which will ultimately damage the search protector and shorthen the battery live. The laptop but even worse the power adapter of the laptop can leave internal burns when kept in the lap or against a body part for too long. There are numerous stories of batteries that have exploded in the past leaving nasty injuries.

Posture behind the PC
postureThe best posture behind the comptuer is with the screen at arms length in front of you. This is more for CRT-screens as the LCD and LED screens give of less radiation. Your eyes should be at the hight of the top of the monitor.
Your knees bend at 90º
Elbows bend at 90
Your hands extend straight from your polse.
Lean back into your chair
Most important is for you to be comfortable.
Never stay longer that two hours straight in your chair. Get up and take a two minute walk or fall back in your chair and let your hands hang loose alongside your body for a few minutes.

The footrest
The newest product on the market is the footrest.This product relaxes the Achilles tendon and forces your body back in the backrest of the chair.

Ergonomic Keyboards
Whether wired or wireless these keyboards often come with an integrated touchpad.
The keyboard can be kept on your lap and the touchpad on the keyboard can be used as a mouse.
This setup gives great relief in terms of your posture and RSI (repeated strain injury) can be omitted.
The wireless ergonomic keyboard with integrated touchpad is my absolute favorite.

Ergonomic Keyboards with touchpad Perixx-716
Extension keyboard slides
These slides slide out from under your desktop to bring your keyboard over your lap.
This setup also greatly improves your posture.

extension slides

The prices of the keyboards range from USD 50,- but can be as expensive as USD 1500,- online.
Prices of the slides will be around USD 15,- online.




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